PRICING - Software
Pricing for the PeopleBoard software package is based on the number of people to be charted. Unlike competing products, PeopleBoard is not priced on a per seat basis. This means you can have as many chart editors as desired with no additional cost. As the size of the organization increases, the price per chart entry decreases significantly. The unlimited chart size pricing applies to any chart greater than 5,000 entries.

Please CONTACT US and one of our sales representatives will prepare a custom quote for your organization.

NOTE: Accredited academic institutions receive special discounted pricing. Please contact us for details.

The PeopleBoard software is only available as a special download. There is an optional annual licensing fee that varies based on the size of your organization. The licensing fee entitles you to any upgrades of the software as well as priority support.


PeopleBoard requires Microsoft IIS (4.0 or greater) and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005. If you do not have a version of Microsoft SQL Server, you may download a free version of SQL Server Express from Microsoft:

The PeopleBoard software itself does not require a standalone server, and can be installed on any existing web server. The database behind PeopleBoard is fairly compact and can be installed on any existing SQL Server. Due to the scalable system design, small software footprint and low processor intensity, PeopleBoard can be installed on almost any size server. Some smaller companies (1,000 employees or less) have even run the software very successfully on a desktop machine that is included as part of their intranet solution.

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